Virtual Leadership Capstone

April 5-7, 2021

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST (each day)

The Leadership Capstone course is going virtual! Take your leadership skills to the next level by joining your peers for the Virtual Leadership Capstone course taking place on April 5-7, 2021. This course includes a three-day virtual program, plus an ongoing six-month learning component that allows participants to continue developing leadership skills throughout the coming year. With the completion of Capstone, participants are eligible to earn a Certificate of Leadership in Hospital Medicine (CLHM) Designation.

Please note, participants must have attended at least one previous Leadership Academy course to participate in the Virtual Capstone program.

Program Outline

Three-Day Virtual Course

The Leadership Capstone program is recommended for hospitalists with three or more years of experience, who are already leading or preparing to lead an academic, business, or clinical change initiative at their institution. The course incorporates new didactic content and facilitated workshops.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice skills through role-playing, improve their personal and professional plans and will leave the three-day course with an assigned “learning pod” – a group of peers plus a coach – to continue learning for six months following the program.

Official course agenda to come!

Six Facilitated Pod Calls

Once a month, a check-in via video call will take place and include structured discussions, opportunities to share challenges and/or lessons learned as well as additional content on universal topics like total life-work integration – a leadership community of practice.

For the 2021 participants, calls will occur from May 2021 through October 2021. To provide you with as much flexibility as possible, the exact days and times will be scheduled by you and your pod members on the last day of the virtual course.

Certificate of Leadership in Hospital Medicine

The Certificate of Leadership in Hospital Medicine (CLHM) cultivates leadership skills in the context of specific hospital medicine challenges. Participants develop a professional portfolio that showcases their ability to plan, execute and evaluate initiatives that strengthen hospital medicine programs. This designation informs employers – or potential employers – with confidence that a candidate is equipped and ready to lead teams and grow the organization.

To become eligible for the optional CLHM designation, Leadership Capstone participants must:

  1. Attend the on-site kick-off plus at least four of six pod calls during the Capstone program.
  2. Complete at least two additional SHM Leadership Academy courses.
  3. Submit a structured final report, to be approved by the course director.

Once you have completed your coursework, there is no additional fee to submit your CLHM Final Report and apply for the designation.

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Meet the Faculty

Nancy D. Spector, MD

Nancy Spector, MD, is the executive director of the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine program. She also serves as associate dean for faculty development at Drexel University College of Medicine and is a professor of pediatrics. Dr. Spector supplemented her educational portfolio with a fellowship in faculty development at Michigan State University and coursework in leadership and faculty development at the Association of American Medical Colleges and the Harvard Macy Institute. She was a fellow in the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) program in 2009–2010. She served as the associate director of ELAM from 2015 to 2016. Since 2016 she has been the executive director of ELAM.

Her expertise extends broadly in academic pediatrics in the areas of curriculum design and implementation; evaluation methodology and process; faculty development; and mentoring. Her scholarly work focuses on the development and implementation of competency-based educational programs, mentorship, faculty development, professional development and leadership skills. She has been a leader of the I-PASS Study Group, a research group that focuses on patient safety and communications research and is a founder of the I-PASS Patient Safety Institute, which seeks to train institutions in best handoff practices and aid in their implementation.

Theodore C. Sectish, MD

Dr. Sectish is the Vice Chair for Education and Program Director at Boston Children’s Hospital and is Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. He is also a leader of the I-PASS Study Group. He graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and trained at Boston Children’s Hospital. He was in private practice for 13 years in Salinas, CA. He then became the first Program Director at Stanford that was not the Department Chair and was on the faculty at Stanford for 14 years. He returned to Boston Children’s Hospital in 2007. Dr. Sectish was the Executive Director of the Federation of Pediatric Organizations from 2007 to 2014. Dr. Sectish is on the Executive Council of the I-PASS Study Group and a founder of the I-PASS Patient Safety Institute and serves on its Board of Directors.